Dental Problems That May Be Caused By Stress

Are you aware of the fact that oral problems and stress are inter-related? That might sound strange, but it’s true. Our body is impacted by stress in numerous ways and it is always a negative impact. That leads us into a situation where we no longer care about ourselves and our health deteriorates eventually. This is why it has always been said that dental problems and stress are inter-related. We tend to stop following good dental hygiene and that leads to problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and much more. In this article, the dentists from the Family Dentistry of South Florida¬†shares the dental problems that arise due to stress below.

According to the statistics, over the past 30 years, tooth decay has been reduced by up to 70{36298a815cad38a4c525066a77708d1f79f7a8f47af0c5d77f8b3328adc5e6de}. That has been accompanied by reductions in Gingivitis and Periodontitis. This reduction has been accomplished through using fluoride and providing patients with education on the positive impact that results from maintaining good oral hygiene. However, despite all of the efforts that have been made, there still has not been any change in the number of dental treatment cases.

Doctors consider stress to be one of the main underlying reasons for numerous health related problems. The problem of stress is attributed to issues like Mental, Autoimmune, and Cardiovascular Diseases. There are many reasons why stress many be inflicted on us. It may affect us due to professional problems or personal issues. However, it is very important to ensure that we discuss these situations with our family and friends. When an individual is suffering from stress there is a good chance that she or he will neglect their oral health and develop serious dental problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, and Periodontitis. These dental problems may further lead to heart disease and … Read More

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Intestinal Health Care Food

Questions arise related to maintaining good and correct intestinal health. According to the Chief Clinical Nutritionist of Hiranandani Hospital Vashi Swati Bhushan, there are millions of bacteria called microflora in the intestine. These bacteria have many benefits for the digestive and immune systems. If the immune system is healthy, then the intestine can also be healthy.

About 70 to 80 percent of the bacteria for the immune system are in the intestine. “They are friendly to the body, but will decrease when eating foods high in poisons,” Swati said. Foods that are classified as ‘high toxins’, namely carbohydrates derived from processed foods, such as corn flour, maida, sugar, salt, as well as processed foods and trans fats.
Someone can do a smart diet specifically to treat intestinal health. For example, by using a good fermentation product. Fermented foods, such as wheat, jam, nuts, fruit, and vegetables can stimulate the production of these bacteria. Thus the body can be maintained from obesity, cancer, and digestive disorders.

Then, someone can also take probiotics that are commonly found in yogurt. In addition, probiotics can also reduce symptoms, such as bloating, cramps, and diarrhea. Don’t forget to avoid sugar and sweeteners. Sugar, maltose and fructose are commonly found in food. However, the substances in it are harmful to the intestine and can cause susceptibility to metabolic diseases.

If you want to eat meat, choose one without fat. Protein is very good for a healthy diet. But fatty meat can cause uncomfortable digestion. When you want to eat meat you should choose lean pieces. Even better if you avoid red meat.
Try to consume fiber insoluble and dissolved. Both types of fiber are important in helping the digestive system. Insoluble fiber is also called crude fiber which cannot be digested but adds weight to dirt.
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Not only delicious, these 5 foods are also good for dental health

One part of the human body that has an important role in the process of digestion of food is teeth. This is because the hard part contained in the mouth has the main function to tear and chew food to become smoother and easier to digest the body.
The health of this part of the body really needs to be maintained properly. But unfortunately many people often forget and underestimate dental care. Most will only check their teeth after experiencing a toothache that is very torturing and disturbing activity.
Besides doing dental care to the dentist, it turns out you can also maintain dental health by eating certain types of food. These foods are good for dental health because they contain substances that can maintain dental health.
What are the types of food? Here are five types of food that are good for dental health :

1. Apple.
Apples are well known as one type of fruit that is very good for the body. Included in maintaining healthy teeth. Apples contain and are high so it is very good for rinsing bad bacteria that stick to the teeth. In addition, apples also contain fluoride which is found in toothpastes. Fluoride content is known to function to reduce the risk of damage to teeth and gum disease.

2. Carrots.
This bright orange vegetable is not only good for eye health, but also for dental health. Carrots can reduce the risk of cavities and bacteria in the mouth. Not only that, the content of vitamin A contained in carrots is considered to strengthen bones including teeth.

3. Strawberries.
This sour-sweetened fruit is believed to be a fruit that is able to brighten teeth to make them look whiter. Malic acid content in striberi can naturally whiten tooth enamel. It is recommended not
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