Storing various fruits and vegetables so as not to rot

How to store vegetables and fruits not only affect the taste and appearance, but also affect the nutrients they contain. Therefore, it is important to know how to keep fruit and vegetables in order to last a long time and the quality remains good. do not forget to visit snacks for kids so you can get reference for healthy snacks for children.

Important guidelines for storing vegetables and fruit:

Store at the ideal temperature

Fresh fruits and vegetables are actually living things. Although already picked and harvested from the tree, the vegetables and fruits still require oxygen to ‘breathe’ and remove carbon dioxide. The ability of vegetables and fruits to ‘breathe’ depends on the temperature of the storage and the type of vegetable or fruit. The lower the temperature in the storage area, the lower the ability of vegetables and fruits to ‘breathe’ and further extend the shelf life. The more oxygen that is ‘inhaled’ and the carbon dioxide emitted, it will further accelerate the fruits and

Vegetables become rotten and damaged

Some types of vegetables/fruits should be stored immediately in a cool place, while some are sensitive to cold temperatures and will rot when entered into the refrigerator.

Always pay attention to moisture

All vegetables/fruits contain water. This water content that keeps the freshness of vegetables and fruits. But when the fruit/vegetables are harvested or picked from the tree, much water is lost by evaporation. Therefore, you should keep the remaining water in the vegetable/fruit so as

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