Umma Ramadhan is one of the latest programs from Umma in the form of applications that are very useful to support the worship of Muslims. The contents in it are very supportive of worship activities throughout the month of Ramadan. Also equipped with very interesting features.

Various Supporting Features of Muslim Worship from Umma Ramadhan
Umma is an information platform for Muslims that can be accessed using the internet. Accompanied by a variety of interesting features, users will always be reminded in matters of worship such as prayer time and so forth. More details, see the following review of the features of Umma Ramadhan.

1. Prayer and Fasting Schedules

Now you will never again miss to perform worship, because with this application it will always remind you when it’s time to worship. It is undeniable, while on the way, maybe we do not hear the sound of the call to prayer, so the prayer time was finally missed.
Now it will never happen again, because with this application it will automatically automatically adjust to the Adhan schedule at your location. Your mobile will automatically ring, so you can know when it’s time to pray. In addition to notifications, you will also be given a prayer time marker with a countdown system.
Especially in the month of Ramadan, this application will also provide an Ruling schedule according to your location. So, you will also get notifications if it’s time to get the right time.

2. Al Qur’an

In addition to the Adhan schedule, the Ummah also comes with a Qur’an that you can read anytime and anywhere. It also features translation into various languages, such as English, Indonesian, Malay, French, Turkish, and so on. There is also a Murottal Al Qur’an that you can listen to when relaxing.

3. Interesting Content

Of course the content in this application is Islamic content. Starting from articles, news, video studies and Ramadan content. With this feature, you can get interesting information about Islam, so that it can simultaneously increase faith. You can also listen to the serama from Ustadz with attractive picture quality.

4. Questions and Answers

This application also provides a place for Muslims to hold discussions or questions and answers. You can ask various things to Ustadz and other experts about various matters relating to Islam. That way, you can get complete and trusted insights.

5. Islamic calendar

You will also get a Hijri calendar complete with Islamic holidays. Not only on holidays, there are also times when the fasting of the Sunnah will not be found on the public calendar. So, with this application you can continue to update with the latest information and can provide that information to other Muslims.

6. Qibla

Sometimes when going to a strange or new place, you will be confused with the Qibla direction. When indeed there is no bookmark like a mosque or local residents, you can take advantage of this application. Umma is also equipped with Qibla direction feature, so that you don’t need to be confused with Qibla direction wherever you are.

That was a variety of features that are very useful from Umma Ramadan. To be able to use this application, you just download it at the Google Play Store for free. Your worship will continue to be supported by this application, don’t forget to share this kindness with other Muslims, so you can feel the benefits.