Cheating does mean a lot. The whole idea of cheating does not necessarily sound right, you know, its literal meaning is that you’re diverting from what you should be doing right.

However, in this article, we’re gonna take a different shift and look at it from a dieting perspective.

What is a cheat meal?

A cheat meal simply means the type of food you allow yourself to eat when ordinarily do not because of a strict diet plan.

Athletes, people with different health complications, or someone trying to lose weight are advised to stick to a particular healthy diet, away from certain categories of food.



Is it okay to have a weekly cheat meal?

Whether it is okay to have a weekly cheat meal or not depends on your situation and the type of meal you’re planning to cheat with.

It is outright wrong for someone with diabetes and on a strict diet to cheat with sugary food.

This can bring about a lot of complications and you just don’t know how far it can get with damaging your health.

This reason I don’t support anyone with an underlying medical condition to have a weekly cheat meal or any cheat meal at all.

Now, for the rest of us who are maybe trying to get into athleticism or lose weight or any other reason that does not encompass health-related issues, then we can pull some negotiation or a bargain.

The dos on your weekly cheat meal

On a cheat day, you can go in with whatever meal you like and enjoy. You may choose to eat burgers, fries, ice cream, hot chocolate, sweet desserts like fudge cake, cinnamon cake, carrot cakes, and whatever type of food you like.

However, cheat in moderation. By this, I mean to be mindful of the calories you take. You do not want to go overboard with the number of calories you take within a day.

I understand how much you might be missing the meal, however, do not overfeed or go in excess you might you might end up constipating on bringing in other types of stomach complications.

The don’ts on your weekly cheat meal

I know what you’re probably thinking. “Aren’t cheat meals supposed to be meals of my choosing and it shouldn’t matter what I choose to eat?”

Well, what you eat does matter a lot.

The whole point of a cheat meal is to eat whatever you are craving, make sure that the training is less of processed food and more of wholesome foods.

The main difference between processed foods and wholesome foods is that wholesome foods have not been highly processed; they, therefore, contain fewer chemicals, refined sugar, and preservatives.

Importance of having a cheat meal.

The greatest benefit you can’t get from cheating on your diet plan is the satisfaction of eating your cravings.

However, it goes beyond this. Food experts have shown that that benefit is twofold; Physiological and psychological.

The physiological benefit of cheat meals is  that because treat meals are high in calories they help jumpstart your metabolism.

A simple explanation to the issues that the body produces and a hormone called Leptin. This hormone among other functions helps or please a role in weight reduction.

When you’re following a strict diet plan, the body will reach a point where the production of leptin slows down. However, after ingesting a cheat meal the body will be triggered to produce more leptin hormone which will, in turn, help the body continue losing weight.

The psychological benefit of a cheat meal is that it gives a mental break.

You know it is not easy to actually quit your cravings and the type of food you enjoy, you may need to once in a while enjoy a nice relaxing meal away from the norm.


Having looked at the benefits of having cheat meals, it is important that you pre-plan your cheat meal.

It might be something that you will need your health expected nutritionist to help you choose the right type of food to eat on your general diet and the type of meals you can eat on your cheat day.

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