Healthy stomach like a model is in fact the dream of many women. Unfortunately, various aspects such as an unhealthy lifestyle, diet

disorderly, consuming too much sugar and junk food makes the stomach even swell. But calm down Bella. You can always get the belly of your dreams even without exercising. How come? Follow the method to shrink the stomach naturally without exercising, let’s go!

healthy stomach

1. Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is one important thing to try if you want to have a flat stomach. Not only makes the body healthier and provides energy to get through the day, breakfast will help you control your lunch so you don’t overeat.

2. Drink more water

Not only useful for hydrating the body, drinking enough water every day will help get rid of excess water in the body that makes the stomach look distended. If you are bored with the taste of fresh water, add a few slices of lemon and mint leaves to make it feel more fresh.

3. Reduce sodium consumption

The savory sweets are indeed very delicious to eat. Isn’t that right, Bella? But, do you understand, too much consumption is not good for the body, you know. Salt has the ability to bind or hold water in the body so that the body looks swollen. This also affects your stomach so it looks more distended. Therefore, make sure you block the intake so that you can have a flat stomach.

4. Limit consumption of high-sugar foods and drinks

Not only salty foods, foods and drinks that have a lot of sugar must also be limited. Sugar is one of the triggers for a distended stomach because sugar limits the metabolic process so that fat will accumulate in the stomach. Therefore, limit or avoid its consumption altogether to get a flat stomach, Bela!

5. Increase consumption of fiber

One of the triggers for a distended stomach is the accumulation of dirt. This is generally caused by less easy digestion due to the low fiber content in the body. So that you get the belly of your dreams, make sure to always fulfill your fiber needs by actively consuming vegetables and fruits.

6. Drink lemon water and ginger

In the morning, when the stomach is still empty, try drinking a cup of warm ginger water mixed with lemon juice. You can also add a teaspoon of real honey so that the taste is not too sour. Lemon can increase the body’s metabolism while ginger is good for reducing excess gas in the body, burning fat, and reducing appetite.

7. Drink green tea regularly

Drinking green tea regularly every day can also be an easy way to shrink the stomach without exercising. Green tea has catechins which are useful for increasing the body’s metabolism. Not only that, this one tea also contains polyphenols which are useful for facilitating digestion and destroying fat.

Like that, some methods to reduce belly fat naturally without exercising. Hope this is useful, Bela.