Being in love with someone can give you butterflies in your stomach. But what happens when you find out you have been unfaithful and your new partner is pregnant? Before deciding, you can do an at home paternity testing to find out for sure. What is it? The laboratories have created kits with everything you need to take the samples. In the case of a baby, still in the womb, you will need a blood sample from the mother, and it can only be done from the 7th week of pregnancy. The home DNA testing kit includes swabs to take saliva samples in case the baby is already born or a kit to take blood samples in case the baby is still in the mother’s womb.

No lawyers are needed

You should know that these tests you do at home have no legal validity. That is, you will not be able to use the results in a lawsuit to gain paternity rights in case you are the father of the baby. So what is the purpose of these tests? Laboratories have created cheaper versions so that people can use the results as a source of information. In other words, couples can find out whether or not there is a biological connection and decide with no judges or lawyers. This is not only faster but also allows the couple to save a lot of money that they can invest in their child’s education. On the other hand, these tests help to avoid unnecessary lawsuits.

Think about the baby

If the test results are negative, there is not much to decide. You can walk away from your partner completely, as you are likely to feel very hurt after discovering the infidelity and pregnancy. But, if the results are positive, you must make decisions that promote the well-being of the baby on the way. If you decide to break up with your partner, ideally you should agree with each other. In this type of a decision, adults need to put aside their feelings of anger or frustration because they need to think about the well-being of the baby that is on the way. As a parent, even if you are not together with your partner anymore, you have to take the responsibility to give your child everything he or she needs. You may be scared or confused at the moment, but as time goes by, you will value every moment you spend with your child and you know you made the right decision.