If you do not know if you are the father of a child, the most normal thing to do is to perform a DNA test. In the past, you needed to go to the laboratory to provide blood samples for the test. Nowadays, you can do an at home paternity test. In this case, you are the one who takes the saliva samples with the swabs that come in the kit. If you are afraid of needles, you will be happy to know that a blood sample is unnecessary for DNA analysis. The DNA paternity test kit includes instructions on how to collect the samples, store them, label them with the appropriate information, and how to send them to the lab without delay.

When can you use this type of DNA test?

It is logical that a paternity test is used to find out whether a man is the father of a child. However, the result you get can only be used as a means of information. If you and your partner have some kind of problem related to the paternity of a baby, you can decide to take an at home paternity test. Once you receive the results, as a couple, you can decide. These results cannot be used in a legal proceeding. If you need to obtain custody of a child or want access to an inheritance, you will need to take a legally valid DNA test. There are laboratories that offer this on their websites. The only difference is that since it is a legally valid test, the samples must be taken by authorized medical personnel who validate the authenticity of the samples.

Why is there a DNA test without legal validity?

Laboratories discovered that many people could not perform this type of test for two reasons. First, many people could not travel to the laboratory because of the distance from their location. Second, the costs associated with this type of testing were often very high. With this in mind, laboratories created a DNA paternity test kit that allows anyone to take a test and find out, from the comfort of their home, whether there is a biological connection between two people. This type of test is more economical because it is the person who takes the samples. In the same way, the test seeks to help people who just want to find out the truth without the need for the intervention of cumbersome legal processes.